Providing Service and Accountability

Providing high quality, personalized service and accountability in the long term servicing of the loans we write furthers the lasting relationships we have with our clients. Our in-house servicing company, Interlachen Financial Services, LLC, is diligent in delivering comprehensive loan management with the highest level of integrity and responsiveness, which is just what our investors and borrowers have come to expect.

Our overall organization is characterized by a high level of confidence and trust that comes from maintaining personal attention in all aspects of the nearly 300 loans we manage in our three quarters of a billion dollar portfolio. In addition to providing mutual administration in the reporting, monitoring and processing of each loan in a timely manner, we facilitate the exchange of information regarding various matters that arise during the term of a loan.The management of our expansive portfolio requires Interlachen Financial Services, LLC to monitor multiple investors, borrowers and properties, track property information and inspection results, as well as detailed tax and insurance information.

By working together as a team and utilizing custom software, we deliver highly automated – yet personally attentive – service to ensure efficiency in the management of our clients’ loans.
Our Servicing Team

   - Collects and processes all regular and principal and interest, and escrow and reserve payments(if required)

   - Makes annual property inspections

   - Processes auto-debit payments

   -  Facilitates pay-offs and satisfactions

   - Monitors insurance renewals and property tax payments

   - Delivers prompt and personal customer service